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In an effort to bring emergency relief to ranchers affected by Winter Storm Atlas, AgChat Foundation is uniting several groups and Rancher and cow bondingorganizations. With a goal of raising $500,000, the 501(c)3 organization is able to gather donations and provide 100% of the contributions to rancher led organizations in South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming, including the Rancher Relief Fund established by Black Hills Community Foundation. Funds will be equally distributed between the states.

AgChat Foundation has received the support of many agricultural organizations and agribusinesses such as American Farm Bureau Federation and Tyson Foods. Additionally, the foundation is working with rancher run organizations in South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming.

While preliminary accounts are still limited, some officials believe that upwards of 60,000 head of cattle and sheep were affected in the storm. “Ranching families across the prairie are experiencing the trauma and loss like never before. The loss of livestock is shocking to the core. Our hearts are raw,” stated South Dakota rancher Jodene Shaw.  She continues on her blog, “you don’t just simply go “buy new cows” and start over. The foundation is removed. The legacy. The years. The work. The love. The faith.” She also points to the economical impact on families but strongly voices concern over the toll on ranchers’ emotional investments. Near the end of the post, Shaw reflects, “yesterday, as I saw live cattle, I wanted to wrap my arms around their neck and kiss their faces.” Search and rescue efforts have been widely inhibited due to the snow depths so full-scale ramifications of the storm may not be seen for some time.

The unified campaign has been established at the AgChat Foundation’s giving site.Ranchers caring for their cattle during Winter Storm Atlas.

As a 501(c)3 organization, all donations to the Rancher Relief Fund are completely tax deductible. Additional organizations and brands are encouraged to partner in these efforts. Inquiries about partnering or giving can be directed to Executive Director, Emily Zweber at (651) 341-0430.

Original post can be seen here.
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Posted by Stacy Schutz on October 12, 2013

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